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Moments audiologists live for....

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 03/10/13

Moments audiologists live for: A patient presented on Friday with an audiogram indicating a profound bilateral hearing loss. She is from another country and does not speak or understand English. So, a social worker, a translator and her husband accompanied her to the visit. My question to the husband (through the translator) was "how do they communicate at home?" The response was that they shout, including small children. Today's testing indicated a severe rather than profound hearing loss. I tried a Williams Sound Pocketalker on her with the microphone on an extension so that her husband could talk to her in a "normal voice". Her face lit up! It was wonderful to see her expression as she actually heard her husband without shouting. Now to get her hearing aids!

Audiologist needed

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 08/29/12

Looking for an Au.D. in Maryland, part-time or full-time.  Contact [email protected]


by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 08/23/12

Pick You Perk has gone Pro!  Only the "best of the best" get to go pro.  This certainly applies to the Unitron Pick Your Perk program.  A proven performer since its launch, Pick Your Perk is going "Pro".  This means the program now includes Quantrum Pro and Moxi Pro, featuring SpeechZone technology.  Now with four technology levels, the program works the same as always: You pick the Quantum or Moxi product that's right for you, and then Pick Your Perk!  These perks are in effect through October 31, 2012!

Today is the day

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 07/19/12

Today, July 19, 2012, is the day we welcome Geoffrey Waite to Audiology Unlimited/College Park Hearing Services for his 4th-year externship in audiology.  He is coming to us from Nova Southeast University in Florida.  Welcome Geoffrey.


Welcome to Geoffrey Waite, coming in July 2012

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 06/11/12

Geoffrey Waite is a 4th year Au.D. student at Nova Southeastern University who will be joining the practice in July 2012 for a year to complete his Doctorate in Audiology.  Audiology Unlimited and College Park Hearing Services are looking forward to having Geoffrey joining us.

Geoffrey Waite, 4th year Au.D. Student

Ear Protection for Musicians of all Ages

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 06/10/12

Getting my presentation together for Tuesday, June 12th, at 8am at Northwestern High School, Hyattsville, MD in the Band Room.  There will be ready-fit musicians earplugs for purchase and impression material to make custom-made musicians earplugs.  They will be sent directly to the patient's home within a week.  Come, if you can, or email if you are interested in more information.

12-frequency Otoacoustic Emissions testing

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 06/06/12

Our new Otodynamics Otoport is a great addition to our equipment arsenal.  I was able to get 12-frequency OAE's on most of our patients today, including a 10-month-old, a 3-year-old and a non-verbal special patient.  It a good investment!

Make a lasting difference in a musician student's education

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/28/12

Just had a wonderful conversation with Carolyn Travis at Etymotic Research about musician's earplugs and the importance of protecting your hearing.  Watch out band directors, I will be contacting you about musician's earplugs for your students.  And, maybe you can get custom-made earplugs for yourself!  I will be in touch :)

Say no to mail order hearing aids.

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/25/12

Hearing aids are medical devices and should recommended based on an audiological evaluation and fit by a professional with knowledge of hearing and the physiology of the ear.  Mail order hearing aids are not in anyone's best interest.

Free hearing screening

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/25/12

Answer the questions on the free hearing screening.  If you score 6 or more, a hearing evaluation is warranted.  Most health insurance cover a diagnostic hearing evaluation.  Medicare requires a referral to assure the evaluation is medically necessary.  Feel free to contact us with questions. 


Promoting Healthy Hearing through Musician's Earplugs

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/20/12

Audiology Unlimited had a good weekend at the Mid Atlantic Flute Fair in Reston, VA this weekend.  We got to talked to a lot of musician's, young and old, about protecting their hearing while playing and enjoying music.  Musician's earplugs are filtered to reduced sound levels while maintaining the integrity of the sound.  Musicians can hearing themselves and those around them while protecting their hearing.  We had 2 sizes of ready-made ER-20 earplugs and we also made ear impressions to make custommade earplugs.  We send the impressions to Emtech Laboratories and have the earplugs sent directly to the customer's home.  We have been doing this for 5 years now.  Thank you to the Flute Society of Washington for allowing us to provide this service.

Donate old or unwanted hearing aids

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/07/12

Hearing aids can be donated and claimed as a tax deduction.  Hear Now collects hearing aids for recycling purposes.  Any make or model, regardless of age, can be donated to the hearing aid recylcing program. All donations are tax deductible and a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to all identified donors. 

If you wish to donate a salvaged hearing aid or other assistance device, please securely package donation and mail to:

Hear Now
6700 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Hearing aids are tax deductible

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/07/12

Did you know that hearing aids are considered medical devices and are a deductible expense on your income tax?  Batteries and accessories can be included in the deduction.  Talk to your tax preparer to maximize your deduction as a medical expense.

Hearing Aid Benefit for Federal Employees

by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 02/07/12

Attention FEP CareFirst BCBS subscribers:  In 2012, your insurance provides a $2500 benefit toward hearing aids.  We submit the claim and you only pay the difference.  Make an appointment for a hearing evaluation and let's get started.


by Dr. Kathy Mellott on 01/27/12

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids represented less than 20% of hearing aid sales prior to 2000 and appeared to be on the decline as a style of hearing aid choice by consumers. With the introduction of open-fit hearing aids and receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids (RIC) however, BTEs now represent 63% of all hearing aid sales. In looking at the resurgence of BTE hearing aids, we wanted to answer two key questions in our MarkeTrak VIII series on the consumer experience with hearing aids:

  • Did mini-BTE hearing aids result in market expansion?
  • Do mini-BTEs improve the consumer's experience with hearing aids?

Here are the key findings from this positive study on mini-BTEs

·        Mini-BTE hearing aids did not tap into younger segments of people with hearing loss.

·        But, mini-BTE hearing aids are expansionary (e.g. new users) influencing more affluent and more active elderly consumer segments to come forward for a solution for their hearing loss; they also tapped into segments of people with milder hearing losses.

·        Mini-BTE hearing aids did not improve consumer perceptions of fit and comfort, benefit, value, or impact reductions of hearing aids not being worn; nor did they generate more positive word-of-mouth advertising or develop greater hearing aid brand loyalty.

·       However, when we control for degree of hearing loss, mini-BTE hearing aids would appear to offer significant improvements in overall satisfaction, cosmetics, sound quality and multiple environmental listening utility.

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