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Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair 2010
Senior Day Out at Behnke's Nursery 2010
CDC & FEMA Health Fair  2010
Beltsville Day  2010
Beltsville Community Health Fair 2010
2011 Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair
2011 Beltsville Day display
with Dr. Jill McClelland, audiologist
Display at the Beltsville Community Health Fair 11/19/2011
Pat Mellott & Dr. Mellott
Chelsea Vogel & Dr. Mellott
2011 Beltsville
Community Health Fair
The new 2012 look at the Upper Marlboro office
Audiology Unlimited display at the 2012 Mid Atlantic Flute Fair
Dr. Kathy Mellott, Audiologist, anxiously awaiting talking to musicians about healthy hearing.
Pat Mellott is ready to talk to people about musician's earplugs
The exhibit hall was crowded at times.
Trying out flutes and piccolos make a great background to demonstrating ear protection
The Baltimore Flute Choir was just one of many flute choirs who performed.
Wonderful music from wonderful musicians!
2012 Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair
Ear Protection for Musicians of all Ages
Beltsville Day display 2012
Beltsville Community Health Fair display 2012
2013 Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair
February 16 & 17
Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) Meeting
Baltimore Convention Center
February 22-23, 2013

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2014 Beltsville Day
2014 Fairland Health Fair Display
2014 Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair
February 22 & 23
2015 American Academy of Audiology, San Antonio, TX
2015 MD Music Educators Convention
2016 Beltsville Day
2015 Beltsville Day
2016 Navy Saxophone Symposium
2016 MD Music Educators Convention
2016 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention
Display & Hearing Screening at WSSC
MMEA Fall Conference 2016
2018 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention - February
2017 MMEA Conference,
Baltimore Convention Center
2017 Navy Saxophone Symposium
Audiology Services.
15209 Marlboro Pike, Suite 208
Upper Marlboro
Audiology Services.
1400 Forest Glen Rd, Ste 315
Silver Spring
2017 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention
2018 Navy Saxophone Symposium - January
2018 Maryland Music Educators Convention - March